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Simulate responses to items. More...

#include "etirm/etirmtypes.h"

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namespace  etirm


template<class II, class T, class R, class RI>
void etirm::SimulateResponses (II item_begin, II item_end, T &theta, R &rand, RI iresp, bool resp_indices=false)
 Simulate responses to a set of items for a specific latent variable value.

Detailed Description

Simulate responses to items.

Estimation Toolkit for Item Response Models (ETIRM) http://www.smallwaters.com/software/cpp/etirm.html

Author(s): Werner Wothke, maintenance (http://www.smallwaters.com) Brad Hanson (http://www.b-a-h.com/) See the file LICENSE for information on usage and redistribution.

Copyright (C) 2008, Werner Wothke Copyright (c) 2000-2001, Bradley A. Hanson

Definition in file SimulateResponses.h.

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