etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > Member List

This is the complete list of members for etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L >, including all inherited members.

begin_points(int g=1)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
begin_weights(int g=1)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
DiscreteLatentDist(int ntheta, int ngroups=1, bool uniquePoints=false)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
DiscreteLatentDist(const DiscreteLatentDist &dist)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
latentvar_type typedefetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L >
MeanSD(int group, Real &mean, Real &sd)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
mNumGroupsetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [private]
mNumPointsetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [private]
mPointsetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [private]
MStep(const RealVector &eprob, int g)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline, virtual]
mUniquePointsetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [private]
mWeightsetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [private]
NumGroups()etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
NumGroupsUnique()etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
point_container typedefetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L >
point_iterator typedefetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L >
Scale(Real mean, Real sd, int group, Real &slope, Real &intercept)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
size()etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
Transform(Real slope, Real intercept)etirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L > [inline]
weight_iterator typedefetirm::DiscreteLatentDist< L >

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