Scott MacLean

Scott MacLean is one of Australia’s leading market researchers, with wide-ranging experience in fields such as new product/service development and assessment, market segmentation, pricing analysis, market tracking, brand positioning, public policy assessment and evaluation, feasibility research, advertising testing and tracking, market modelling/forecasting and customer satisfaction research. Scott's professional interests and skills include the theory and application of a range of specialist ad-hoc research and analytical approaches covering statistical methods such as factor and cluster analysis/segmentation, multiple regression, CHAID, perceptual mapping, Structural Equation Modelling/path analysis, and trade-off techniques including conjoint analysis/choice modelling. He has published and presented a large number of papers on a range of topics, and is a regular speaker at seminars and meetings within the marketing and social research industry.

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Key Consultancy Focus

Scott is married with two children (28 and 26 years) and one beautiful grand-daughter! His extra-curricular interests include: playing piano, swimming, model railways, keeping up his German language proficiency and maintaining a 20 acre property in the Australian ‘bush’.