etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > Member List

This is the complete list of members for etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M >, including all inherited members.

CheckResponse(Response r) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
CorrectResponse()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, virtual]
DefaultFirstResponse()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, static]
defaultFirstResponseetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected, static]
DeletePriors()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
dim() const etirm::ItemNR< LC > [inline]
f_to_minimize(RealVector &p)etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
FirstResponse() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
GetAllParameters() const etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
GetLatentVarPoints(int group=1)etirm::ItemNR< LC > [inline]
GetParameters() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
GetPriors()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
gradient(RealVector &p, RealVector &g)etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
HasAnalyticGradient() const etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
HasAnalyticHessian() const etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
hessian(RealVector &, RealMatrix &)etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
ICRF(const Response r, const RealVector &parameters, const Real &theta) const etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
etirm::ItemNR< LC >::ICRF(Response r, const RealVector &parameters, const LC::latentvar_type &theta) const =0etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [pure virtual]
ICRFAll(const RealVector &parameters, const LC::latentvar_type &theta, I iprob) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
Index() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
IndexResponse(const int index) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
InitializeNR()etirm::ItemNR< LC >
IsNoResponse(Response r)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, static]
Item(int nparam, int index, int nRespCat)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
ItemNR(int nparam, int index, int respCat, LC *dist=0)etirm::ItemNR< LC >
ItemPolytomous(int index, M &icrf, LC *dist)etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline]
LastResponse() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
latentvar_type typedefetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
mFirstResponseetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected]
mICRFetirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [protected]
mIndexetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected]
mLatentDistetirm::ItemNR< LC > [protected]
mNetirm::ItemNR< LC > [protected]
mNRespCatetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected]
mNumLatentVarCatetirm::ItemNR< LC > [protected]
mNumParametersetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected]
Model() const etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
ModelName() const etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
mParameterEstimatesetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected]
mPriorsetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected]
mRetirm::ItemNR< LC > [protected]
n_iterator typedefetirm::ItemNR< LC >
NonZeroPriors(RealVector &p) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [virtual]
NormalizingConstant() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, virtual]
NotPresentedResponse()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, static]
notPresentedResponseetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [protected, static]
NumLatentVarCat()etirm::ItemNR< LC > [inline]
NumParameters() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
NumRespCat() const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
NVector(int group=1)etirm::ItemNR< LC >
param_iterator typedefetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
param_vector typedefetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
ParametersIterator()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
point_iterator typedefetirm::ItemNR< LC >
prior_iterator typedefetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
prior_vector typedefetirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
PriorsIterator()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
ProbResp(Response r, const LC::latentvar_type &theta) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
ProbRespAll(const LC::latentvar_type &theta, I iprob) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
r_iterator typedefetirm::ItemNR< LC >
ResponseIndex(const Response r) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
RVector(Response resp, int group=1)etirm::ItemNR< LC >
ScaleParameters(Real slope, Real intercept, bool ignorePrior=false)etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
SetAllParameters(const RealVector &allParam)etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]
etirm::ItemNR< LC >::SetAllParameters(I begin, I end)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
SetDefaultFirstResponse(Response r)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, static]
SetFirstResponse(Response r)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, virtual]
SetLatentVarPoints(int n, point_iterator points)etirm::ItemNR< LC >
SetNotPresentedResponse(Response r)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline, static]
SetParameters(const RealVector &param)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
SetParameters(I begin, I end)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
SetPriors(PriorVector &priors)etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type >
ValidParameters(const RealVector &p, bool ignorePriors=false) const etirm::ItemNR< LC > [virtual]
ValidResponse(Response r) const etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [inline]
~Item()etirm::Item< LC::latentvar_type > [virtual]
~ItemNR()etirm::ItemNR< LC > [virtual]
~ItemPolytomous()etirm::ItemPolytomous< LC, M > [inline, virtual]

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