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Definition of class Transpose_View. More...

#include "scppnt/scppnt.h"
#include "scppnt/scppnt_error.h"
#include "scppnt/matop.h"
#include "scppnt/vec.h"
#include <iostream>

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namespace  SCPPNT


class  SCPPNT::Transpose_View< Array2D >
 Allows use of the transpose of a matrix without creating a new matrix. More...


template<class Array2D>
std::ostream & SCPPNT::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const Transpose_View< Array2D > &A)
 Write a matrix to an output stream.
template<class Array2D, class M>
SCPPNT::operator+ (const Transpose_View< Array2D > &A, const M &B)
 Add two matrices and return new matrix giving sum.
template<class Array2D, class M>
SCPPNT::operator- (const Transpose_View< Array2D > &A, const M &B)
 Subtract matrix B from matrix A and return matrix giving difference.
template<class Array2D, class M>
SCPPNT::operator * (const Transpose_View< Array2D > &A, const M &B)
 Multiplication operator returning a new matrix containing the matrix product A*B.
template<class Array2D>
Vector< typename
Array2D::value_type > 
SCPPNT::operator * (const Transpose_View< Array2D > &A, const Vector< typename Array2D::value_type > &x)
 Return a new vector containing the product of the matrix A and the vector x.

Detailed Description

Definition of class Transpose_View.

The Transpose_View class allows working with a tranpose of a matrix without creating a new matrix containing the transpose.

Definition in file transv.h.

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