SCPPNT Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SCPPNT::BadDimensionBad dimension of vector or matrix argument of function
SCPPNT::BoundsErrorAttempt to access element outside vector or matrix bounds
SCPPNT::const_Region2D< Array2D >Constant version of Region2D
SCPPNT::ExceptionGeneral exception class from which classes indicating more specific types are errors are derived
SCPPNT::Index1DRepresents a consecutive index range (a 1-offset lower and upper index)
SCPPNT::InvalidArgumentA function argument is invalid
SCPPNT::LogicErrorErrors in program logic that should be caught during program debugging
SCPPNT::LowerTriangularView< MaTRiX >Lower triangular view of a matrix
SCPPNT::Matrix< T >Simple concrete dense matrix class for numerical computation
SCPPNT::Mean< T >Compute the mean of a sequence of values
SCPPNT::Region2D< Array2D >A rectangular subset of a matrix
SCPPNT::Region2D_iterator< T, IT2D >Foward iterator over all elements of a matrix region
SCPPNT::RuntimeErrorGeneral run-time errors. Classes for specific types of run-time errors are derived from this class
SCPPNT::slice_pointer_base< T, PTR, REF >Acts like T* but allows consecutive elements to be stored non-consecutively in memory
SCPPNT::Standardize< T >Standardize a set of values so they sum to a particular value
SCPPNT::Sum< T >Compute the sum of a sequence of values
SCPPNT::Transpose_View< Array2D >Allows use of the transpose of a matrix without creating a new matrix
SCPPNT::UnitLowerTriangularView< MaTRiX >Lower triangular view of a matrix with a unit diagonal
SCPPNT::UnitUpperTriangularView< MaTRiX >Upper triangular view of a matrix with a unit diagonal
SCPPNT::UpperTriangularView< MaTRiX >Upper triangular view of a matrix
SCPPNT::Vector< T >Simple concrete vector class for numerical computation

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